You Can’t Just Kinda’ Do A Cannonball

In the Spring of 2013, northchurch launched the Cannonball initiative. And the name “Cannonball” was chosen because to do a Cannonball, you have to go “All In.” You have to immerse your whole self. And that’s what we believed God was calling us to do; to go “All In.” So, northchurch, tuck your knees to your chest. Jump In. Make some waves.

Jump In & Make Some Waves
At northchurch, we have grown to sense God leading us to JUMP IN to the next level of commitment. What would it look like for us to MAKE WAVES in the lives of every individual in the Lewis Center area? What would it look like to grow our impact in the greater Columbus area? And what would it look like to transform the lives of innocent children and adults halfway around the world, giving them the opportunity to know Jesus? We’re about to find out. Pray about what would it look like for you to trust God like never before as you take a leap of faith, jump in and CANNONBALL with us!

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